Healthy (but Manly) Football Snacks

This blog was written by Fit Live! Win’s Chief Dietician, Samantha Mark, RD. CDN

Just in time!

Football is back!!! Big guys, big snacks, big jerseys, big drinks and big fun. Whether you are a fan of high-school or college football, the NFL or maybe you just have a favorite team, sit back and enjoy.

But do it in a healthy way this season.

For the next couple of months, your Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Monday evenings may be filled with trips to bars or football get-togethers with your family or friends. How can you maintain healthy nutrition habits and still enjoy the games?

Here’s a good tip: Don’t “blitz” by ingesting too many calories at one time.  If you are headed to a bar and the options will not fit into your healthy meal plan, eat something ahead of time. This will help negate that hungry feeling and you may help to avoid over indulgence.

Having a drink at the bar? Current recommendations suggest that men consume no more than two alcoholic beverages per day and women consume no more than one. Should you choose to have a hard beverage, have something “lite.” Light beer will always save you calories when compared to its regular counterparts. Want liquor? Choose something with little to no added sugar or syrup. For example, vodka with club soda will have fewer calories than, say, a cosmopolitan.

Headed to a shindig at a family member’s or friend’s house? Offer to bring something. This way,  you’ll know there will be at least one healthy option in the room–one without will not excess fat, sugar, sodium or calories. Again, eat a little something before you go to help fill you up.

If you’re entertaining, well, you will have it made because the menu is up to you! Opt for baked snacks, healthfully prepared foods (such as grilling and baking instead of frying). Offer diet and reduced sugar beverages, and don’t be afraid to throw some vegetables into the mix! They can be great for dipping or munching, and should be a part of everyone’s diet!

At halftime, go outside and burn those snack-calories!

The last tip? Don’t just watch the football games, get out there and play! Physical activity isn’t just about standing on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes. The weather is still decent and can lend itself to fun outdoor activities. At halftime, grab a group of friends and get a game going!

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