Get It On! (On Your Off Days…)

Saturday is my rest day. As many of you know, I workout vigorously five days a week–Monday through Friday. Weekends are my “rest” days. The body needs them. My body needs them.

But they’re not “off” days. And they’re certainly not major “cheat” days when it coms to eating.

Though I wont do a full-out go-to-the-gym workout on the weekends, I’ll do something: stretch, maybe do some core work at home, or a short break-a-sweat stint on my home stair-climber.

During the spring, summer and fall, I play golf on the weekends, and if my knees aren’t whining, I’ll always walk the 18. I play on a hilly course, so believe me it’s no walk on the beach (though those are also good for your feet, ankles etc)

As for eating, I am less restrictive than I try to be during the week. I allow myself to eat dessert and I’ll enjoy whatever is available – even pizza.

But I still adhere to the most important aspect of smart eating: portion control.

Smaller slices of dessert and sensible portions allow me to survive the weekend without walking up Monday feeling like a fat slug.

So enjoy your weekends–or whenever you take your “rest” days. But don’t enjoy them too much!

Challenge yourself!


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