F!L!W! Best-Body Move: Push-Up

I love trying new exercise moves. No matter how excited I am about my workouts moves get old. Even adding more weight or reps doesn’t always keep a move from getting stale.

But there’s one old-school move that’ll never get old: the push up.

It’s genius in its simplicity–both in name and execution. It may also be the most effective old-school move in the gym.

It builds your chest, arms and shoulders, obviously. But also your core, legs and glutes.

And there are myriad variations that allow it to work the obliques, wrists and other body parts.

It’s also a calorie-burner.

The key is proper posture (no swayback!) and execution (bend the arms and the elbow and think about putting your chest to the floor).

One of the saints of the push-up is Herschel Walker, the former running back who may also still be one of the most jacked athletes on the planet. He famously built his body by doing up to 1,500 push-ups and as many as 3,500 sit-ups a day. Really. Not all at once but throughout the day.

I’d love to set a goal of doing 1,000 push-ups in a day. But I’d also like to live to see the next day.

So I think I’ll challenge myself to get to 100 a day, starting next week.

Set a push-up goal for yourself. Even if it’s 5 or 10 to start. Then add 5 to your total each week. Or ten, if you’re starting at, say 50 pushups a day.

You’ll not only feel a great sense of accomplishment for setting and meeting yet another goal. But you might be surprised at how the move reshapes your body.

And isn’t that why we’re here?!

Challenge yourself!



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