Live (and Workout) with a Plan

How often have you walked into the gym and stood in the middle of the floor wondering where to start? Too often, probably. I’m guilty, too.

Fortunately, I have at least the outline of a weekly regiment: Monday: Legs and Lower Body, Tuesday: Rene’s Total Body class, Wednesday: Back & Arms, Thursday: Chest & Lower Body; Friday: Spin class. I start each workout with cardio and end with core work and stretching.

All I have to know is what day it is (and at 5:45 am, that’s no gimme) and at least I have the framework of my plan.

Do you have a plan for your life? Or at least a framework for it?

Or do you wake up every morning and stand in the middle of the floor wondering where to start?

The framework for my workout plan is designed to help me meet specific goals: strength building, muscle endurance, core and joint stability, flexibility.

Your Life plan should accomplish the same thing: help you meet specific goals.

To get a promotion.

To create your own business.

To further your education.

To become a better person.

Almost any goal is a worthy one, but without a goal, well, you’re just working. Or not.

Plans often get interrupted. A vacation, illness or injury can derail your workout.

Your Life plan is vulnerable, too–as so many Americans (including myself) have discovered in this period of high unemployment and low prospects.

In time, tough, your body heals and you get back to the plan.

In time, your life will heal, too–and it’ll be time to get back to the plan.

Don’t allow a single setback–or even two or three–to become and extended, and perhaps permanent setback.

Not in the gym. Not in Life.

Create a plan. Work the plan. No matter what.

Challenge yourself.


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