Hot Buns! How to Get Yours Scorchin’!

Most women want it. So do most men–but not in the way they should.

What is “it”?

A tight butt.

We’re all grownup here, right? Well, most women want a great tush because it looks good.

Most men don’t even think about it. (Though trust me, fellas, the ladies are looking.)

Yet the glutes (okay, let’s get serious now) may be the most important collection of muscles in your body–no matter your gender.

They’re your anchor, your rock, at the center of just about everything you do.

But many of even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts neglect them in the gym,–choosing instead to typically work on what many guys call “bar” muscles, only those women can see when the guy is standing at the bar. That would be arms, shoulders and, if he’s really tall, the six-pack.

Well, it’s time to work that butt!

Do it – here are another 10 moves to get you started – and you’ll strengthen your lower body, and decrease your chance of injury.

And you can bet someone will be watching.


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