Too Tired to Workout? No such thing…

A few minutes ago, I received a call from my friend P, who after a week of business/ holiday/family obligations, wanted to go to the gym and workout. But she was exhausted.

“What’s the best workout I can do,” she asked, “that will do the least damage? Weights? Stationary bike? Swimming?”

There’s no right or wrong answer, mostly because were so many other factors to consider, such as:

Does she regularly work out? (Answer: Yes.)

How long it had been since she last worked out? Three weeks?

Are there any other physical factors to consider: Yes. (She has an ailment that rears up under stress and significant fatigue.)

Given those factors I recommended a light cardio workout. “Just break a sweat,” I said. “Just enough so your body knows you haven’t forgotten about it.”

For me, some of my best workouts come on days when I least feel like working out.

Maybe I’m recovering from a cold.

Maybe I’m just sore.

Maybe….I just don’t feel like working out.

But whatever, once I start sweating and working, I get into it. And I am rewarded.

There are myriad recommendations out there for just such situations.

Mainly, listen to your body. If you’re truly out of commission, take the take off.

But if u possess even a modicum of energy, take your best shot. Perhaps you don’t do your normal regiment. But whatever you do will feel like a bonus.

Challenge yourself!


One thought on “Too Tired to Workout? No such thing…

  1. Good article. I agree totally. When I least want to work out, it is because I don’t have the energy to do so, but I push through and do it anyway, because energy begets energy. Once I do it, my energy reserves revv back up, giving me more energy to get into the gym next time. The opposite is also true, that once i stop working out, my energy reserve spirals downward and it becomes a self-depleting cycle.

    But once the body gets used to the feel of regular exercise, it will start to crave it, much like a drug.

    I find that DANCING is the best way to pull myself out of a exercise slump. Any kind will do. Latin dancing is particularly great for getting the heart rate up, and it will DEFINITELY improve one’s mood. So when I need a boost, and can’t get to the gym right away, I plug my iPod into my portable deck, take it into my kitchen, and SALSA for 20 minutes or so.

    20 minutes later – slump OVER!! and life is beautiful again.

    Party ON!!

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