Steam or Sauna: Which is Best for Muscle Recovery?

I played 18 hole of golf today. Not that that’s particularly special (it was my 46th “officlal” round this year), but it was a tournament–and my third round in three days.

Do I have to say I was hurtin”?!

AndI won, which was cool. It also meant I have to play again at 8:15 am tomorrow morning, Not complaints, but it means I had to figure out a better way for my body to recover than a beer.

Fortunately, I had two options: steam or suana.

But I really had not clue which was best for muscle recovery.

So I chose both! I sat in the wet-heat steam for about 20 minutes, then followed with the dry-hear sauna for about 10 minutes.

In the end, I felt great.

Add a healthy dinner–penne with shrimp, peppers and spinach–and I’m feeling ready for tomorrow.

How will I play? We’ll see.

Many health clubs have either a steam or sauna, but I know most people get in and out as quickly as possible.

Try to build sauna/steam time into your recovery regiment.

You’ll feel great–or even better. And ready for the next round of life.

Challenge yourself!




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