Best Time to Train–AM or PM? Now!

If you’re new to this blog, you probably don’t know that I am a morning workout person. Not a morning person, by any stretch. But a morning workout person.

My alarm goes off at 5:15am every weekday and after downing a Nutri-Grain bar (always eat something before heading to the gym), I’m at the gym and on a cardio machine usually by 5:45a or so.

Done it that way for years. Yes, there were times when I worked out at lunch, and times when I worked out in the early evenings but for at least a decade I’ve enjoyed starting off my day in the gym.

That’s just me. There are waves in every gym: late mornings, lunch, early evenings and – in come cities – even post midnight fitness enthusiasts.

Frankly, most studies have shown that there is no best time of day to workout – those some have determined that those who workout in the morning “tend to do better.” Ha!

Mornings work for some, not others. And that’s okay.

I find working out in the AM is like jump-starting my metabolism, which is the engine that burns calories. To me, the sooner I start it the more calories I burn during the day.

And too, it’s done. Check. Off the list. And I feel damn good about it.

Bottom line: Workout when it feels best to do so. When your body may have the most energy (or need the most energy boost). Or when it’s most convenient for your schedule.

Just try to be consistent: Try to train around the same time each time you do so. That’s not mandatory, but it seems the body (mind?) builds itself up to work hard when it knows it’s time to do it!

And when you’re ready, you’ll train harder–and get better results.

Challenge yourself!


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