What Is Fit? Finding your Own…

What is fit?

Tell me tell me, if you think ya know. 

What is fit?

And if you’re really fit, the passing years won’t show…

With an homage (with a twist) to Tower of Power (If you don’t know, ask your parents), I wanted to consider just what it means to be fit. At any given hour my gym will be filled with dozens of people, all striving to be fit.

Whatever that may mean to each of them.

Don’t compare yourself with the guy or girl across the room because you admire their physique, or the amount of weight they’re lifting, or their moves. Their fitness strategy may not align at all with your own goals. In fact, it’s probably not even close.

And trying to do what they do will probably kill you. (Okay, not really, but you might feel like you’re dying the next day.)

Their strengths are not your strengths; their weaknesses not yours.

Sometimes fitness is what it ain’t

There are many definitions of “fit” out there, especially at a time when obesity is so rampant. But being fit is actually very simple: To me it means being at your ideal (or close to it) inside and out. It means being strong, and flexible.

It means having endurance and resiliency.

It means being able to compete at your favorite sports.

It means having all the nutrients your body needs due to solid, healthy eating.

It means being fit for life.

I don’t mean life as in longevity–because no day is guarenteed.

But for life–as in today.

It’s been well chronicled that being fit isn’t merely good for you phyiscally, but mentally as well. You think better. You work better. You’re sharper. Yo’re more on it than your couldn’t-spell-gym co-worker.

But the key is to find your fit.

To do so, you’ll probably have to step outside your comfort zone. Work with a personal trainer, if even just for a few sessions. They’ll teach you some new moves and push you beyond your own self-imposed barriers.

They’ll talk to you about your eating habits, about drinking more water, abut getting rest.

In short, they’ll help you find your fit


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