When Storms Arise

Storms are scary.

Storms are dangerous.

Storms are Life.

Storms come, and they pass. In between, they change everything in their path.

When the storms are Mother Nature’s the path is often strewn with destruction, or worse.

As I write this, I am waiting for Irene to arrive just north of New York City and wondering if I am prepared enough. The water is secure, batteries bought and tubs are filled.

But when it comes to storms, you really don’t know if you’re prepared until they pass.

In the aftermath, we pick up the pieces and move on. We clean up the debris. We repair the damage. And we say, next time, we’ll be better prepared.

The storms that happen in our lives can be destructive, as well–physically, emotionally, mentally.

But they can also be enlightening, cleansing, restorative.

Injuries are storms. And they happen, no matter how much we train.

And when they do, we either shrink and fret, or we do what we need to do to get back in the game. Back stronger.

We assess the damage, do our research and seek expert counsel. We create a rehab plan, and then commit to it. And we come back.

If not stronger, then smarter.

Treat the storms of life in the same manner. Assess the damage, do your research and seek help, if needed.

Then make a plan. And return stronger. Smarter.

Challenge yourself–especially when storms challenge you.


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