Go Hard Core!

Your core.

At its most simplistic, it’s who you are–your essence. When you strip away the job, the relationships, the day-to-day challenges and posturing, who are you? What do you believe in and stand for?

When you are alone and no one is watching, what would we see?

Each day is an opportunity to define your core. To mold and shape it into something to be proud of. Because in the end, in the dark, our core is just about all we have.

You probably know the value of your core from a fitness perspective.

You know because you’re smart. You know being fit is more that having big guns, broad shoulders and a six-pack.

You know that your core is as vital as an muscle group–maybe even moreso.

Your core never stops working. It supports your overall stability, making you less likely to suffer an injury during training, or simply when you trip walking down the street.

It supports your balance, which helps you in sports and while even sitting at your desk.

To me, all fitness begins at your core. Strengthen it and everything else is easier. Neglect it and you’re not maximize your training efforts.

Not even close.

And because your core comprises so many muscles, you can actually train them every time you go to the gym–and you should.

Incorporating core moves into your regiment (I like to do them at the end) will boost your strength and your confidence.

And at time, they’ll hurt like hell.

Try at least two of these moves each time you train.

Guys, try a Pilates class. Or Yoga.

Challenge yourself!


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