Last Longer! Really.

Most people lift weights to get bigger and stronger. They follow a regiment of sets and reps that’s pretty basic. Three sets; 12-10-8 reps (or thereabouts). And max weight for each set.

That’s a pretty basic formula for weight-resistance success. Which means big muscles. Big fun.

But consider this: endurance.

Strength isn’t simply measured by how much but also by how long.

It’s called muscle endurance, and it’s just as important as muscle strength. Especially if you play a sport.

Your muscles will help you run faster, jump higher and throw longer.

But they should also help you outlast the competition, so that you’re almost as strong in the fourth quarter as you were in the fourth.

One strategy I use regularly (once a week is my goal) is to change up my regular set/rep moves with one that emphasizes time vs reps.

I choose fives-to-seven moves: clean and press, curls, overhead tri’s, chest presses, deadlifts, flys, upright rows, pushups, etc. Choose your own set, depending on which muscles you’d like to emphasize.

Now, rather than do simple sets, choose a weight that is about 75% of what you normally lift for each exercise and do reps for an entire minute. Don’t count reps. just watch the clock or set the timer on your pda–and go until a minute is up.

Then move on to the next exercise as a circuit.

So do each move in succession, then rest a minute and repeat.

Try doing five sets.

You’ll thank me. Or curse me.

Do this tomorrow. or the next time you go to the gym.

Challenge yourself!


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