Embrace Fatigue–and Beat Its Ass!

Fatigue is good.

Most importantly, it tells you something–like that you need rest. Or that you need to stop pounding out those reps before you hurt yourself.

Yet too often we misinterpret fatigue. We think it’s telling us our lives suck, that the weight “life” too often thrusts upon us is too much to bear any longer.

That’s when we quit. We give up. We tank.

That’s when we lose.

Fatigue is simply a signal that it’s time to recharge. To regroup. To even re-embrace the challenge.

We do it in the gym all the time. We push ourselves to “failure,” then pause, catch our breath and attack another set, or amp up the treadmill or stairclimber.

Fatigue be damned!

We push ourselves beyond what we thought was our limit. And once we’ve done so, we’re stronger–physically and mentally.

Take the same approach outside of the gym. When life has you fatigued, seemingly unable to take another step, just pause, catch your breath and attack!

The weights of life won’t always go away, but they don’t have to make you quit. Embrace the fatigue then win.

Challenge yourself!


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