Build your Ankles, Wrists. Boost Your Gains!

Most people train the muscles they can see.

That’s understandable. We all like a good pump. It’s the fruit of all those grunts and groans.

And let’s all be honest: Well-defined muscles will also turn heads in the gym–and on the street.

Why work that hard and have nothing to show for it?

Well, we should all give vanity at least a day or two off each week and focus on those areas that are vital to our overall fitness and sports performance–though they won’t likely get you noticed at the office.

I’m talking your ankles, wrists and forearms.

I call them our bodies’ “hinges.” If they’re not strong and flexible, well, the door (your body) will fall off. You simply won’t be as strong and you’ll likely be more vulnerable to injury when you’re playing sports or running.

The exercises – here are a few for your ankles, wrists and forearms— aren’t difficult and you’ll likely emphasize reps more than actual weight.

Incorporate them into your regiment and you’ll likely be able to lift more, adding to your gains.

Neglect them and you just might trip over your own weak feet while staring at that babe (or guy) on the treadmill.



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