Bad Mood? Take it to the Gym!

How often do you just not feel like going to the gym?

Sometimes, your body simply isn’t up to if–for whatever reason. You’ve got a sore this or that. Or an injury that is being stubborn about healing.

But most often it’s something different–your mood. Understandably, when some aspects of your life aren’t going well, it can spill over into your fitness regiment.

Perhaps your job sucks, or your relationship is on the rocks. Maybe your business isn’t doing well, or you’re dealing with a family emergency.

When parts of your life derail, your mind can, too. And it becomes easy to allow setbacks to poison other aspects of your life.

For me, working out helps me to cope with the challenges. In fact the worse things outside the gym get the more I remain commited to getting my butt in the gym!

I do so, in part, because I know that if I did not work out stress would win. And that is not a bettle I can afford to lose.

Numerous studies show working out can be a major factor in battling stress. (Here are some stress-busting moves.) It even helps stave off depression, according to some studies.

A good workout can certainly lift your mood.

So when you don’t feel like going to the gym, when life has you down and you just want to sit, that’s when you need it most.

Fight through. Get there. Be there.

Life challenges will be home when you return, but you’ll be ready to take them on!

Challenge yourself!


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