Work – Then Run!

I wish I could run.

Well, I can run. Its just after matching knee surgeries (twin torn menisci), my doctors have warned me that running isn’t necessary the best thing if I have any notion of ever chasing my grandkids.

Oh, I can still do sports that require short bursts of running, such as tennis and basketball. And I can do 10-15 minutes on a padded treadmills.

So all is not lost.

That’s why I still work those muscle groups that best aid runners: quads, hamstrings, calves and gluts.

If you’re a runner, lucky run. And if you want to boost your times, don’t neglect these muscles.

Running may be about chasing that “high” and building your cardio endrusance. But who doesn’t want to feel stronger on a run, as well?

There are still a lot of misconceptions about how weight training benefits runners. But to maximize your runs, work one of these regiments into your gym work.

And here’s a video with some solid moves, as well:



One thought on “Work – Then Run!

  1. Can you do stairs? I walk the Santa Monica stairs once a week and you feel nothing on your knees (and I had two severely sprained MCL’s from a motorcycle accident.). But your quads and calves? Wow. The first time I did it, it took me five days to recover.

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