Don’t Be A Weekend Pig

I’m sure you know the key to getting into and maintaing your ideal fitness level requires regular exercise and healthy eating. For me, the second part isn’t very complicated:

During the week, I try to eat…

… only fish and chicken as a main course

… lots of vegetables

… brown rice, whole wheat breads

I try to stay away from …

… red meats

… “white” starches (bread, potatos, etc)

… and desserts, sweets of any kind.

I then allow myself the flexibility to indulge on weekends. It’s a guilt-free zone in which I pretty much eat anything and don’t beat myself up about it. (I’ve always said that I did not want to get hit by a truck and as I lay in the street have my past words be: “Damn, I shoulda had that cheesecake!”)

Now the key word in my plan is “try.” I will confess to having an occasional steak, chop or a rare dessert Mon-Fri. If something really special lands on my plate and it won’t be there on the weekend, eat it, I tell myself.

Life is too short not to enjoy its culinary gifts.

All that said the real key to the plan is portion control. I’ve been on this “plan” so long I typically don’t over indulge–not even on the weekends.

Sure, I’ll lose control at over Sunday Brunch at my friend’s restaurant, and the weekend buffets at my summer hangout will challenge anyone’s mettle.

But the longer you practice portion control the more you’ll find that you just don’t want to eat like a pig–even on guilt-free days.

So enjoy the weekend, but not too much!

There’s nothing worst than Bloated Monday.

Challenge Yourself!

I’ve found that this plan


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