S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Gains!

What’s the last thing you do before you leave the gym floor? Too often it’s nothing more than wipe the last beads f sweat from whatever machine you were using, or put the dumbells back in the rack and wave good-bye to the hot babe (or guy) you’ve been staring at for an hour. (And hope she/he) waves back.)

Very few of the people I see each morning in the gym take a few minutes at the end of their workout to stretch.

Maybe because it’s boring. Maybe because the benefits aren’t obvious. But for whatever reason it’s too often overlooked.

Stretching should be as fundamental a part of your training as any move in your regiment.

Trainers differ on the benefits of stretching before your workout (confession: I typically don’t; I warm up with a dynamic cardio interval set). But almost everyone agrees that at least some basic stretching after your workout is beneficial.

Stretching can enhance your performance in the sports you love (think shoulder turn in golf!) and help prevent injuries.

There are several different types of stretching, typically falling into the categories of either static or dynamic stretching. each has its place and should be utilized regularly.

And who knows? While your down on the floor stretching out those newly-jacked muscles, maybe that hot babe/guy you’ve been starting at will join you.



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