Rainy Days and Mondays..Don’t Let ‘Em Get You Down!

It’s supposed to be a rainy mess for the next few days in the northeast and other parts of the nation. That can dampen your motivation to workout or make outdoor training pretty treacherous.

Neither has to happen.

Use the rain for what it is–a rejuvenation! Rather than lament how it’s dousing your will to sweat change it up: do a workout you haven’t or try a machine you’ve rarely used. Take a new exercise class or for for a swim (get it, water…) if your gym has a pool.

As for outdoor training, there’s only one opertive phrase: Be prepared and be safe. Okay, maybe that’s two phrases.

I’m not a big fan of biking in the rain. The downside is too great. But hard-core bikers (and the greenest of commuters!) will have it. If you’re among them, here are some tips on staying safe.

Runners will run in just about anything, so a little rain won’t keep most of them off the roads. Safety is key again, as is dressing properly. Here are some tips to help you out.

Either way, don’t let the weather get you down or cost you your gains. Refresh and Revive instead!


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