Avoid Lose-Your-Gains Month

Set new goals - now!

August is depressing. It’s hot and it’s way too close to September, which means the end of summer and (shoot me) winter.

It’s also the month we kick back and relax. We vacation. We sleep in. We drink. We try to finish the last piece of BBQ at every cookout.

And before we know it, the gains we’ve proudly made all year become a distant memory.

Don’t let it happen! Don’t allow August to drain your energy and sap your motivation. Don’t allow it to re-introduce you to the eight pounds you worked so hard to lose.

How to thwart the August blues? Start by seeing it as a beginning rather than an end.

Instead of thinking the end of summer is looming, look at August as your opportunity to get a head start on your fall regiment – both in the gym and in life.

Start setting fitness goals you’d like to achieve by the end of the year, then creating a plan to help you reach them.

Start setting goals, too, for your career, your relationship, your finances.

August is an opportunity to get a head-start on all the great things you are going to accomplish before we ring in 2012.

Write them down. Make them happen. Starting now.


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