Welcome to Fit! Live! Win!

If you’re passionate about challenging yourself to be in the best shape of your life, Fit! Live! Win! will be the only workout buddy you’ll ever need.

It will be a one-stop venue offering you expert fitness and nutrition content–including goal-specific workout programs–from the most sought-after trainers and nutritionists in the nation.

To ensure it’s a site that fits your needs, tell me what kind of fitness content, tools, workouts or community you’d like to see on the web but just can’t seem to find.

Are you interested in nutrition advice? Specific meal plans?

What about motivation?

Do you want to connect with other fitness enthusiasts and share workout tips and experiences?

Are you a trainer or nutritionist and you think you’re among the best and are interested in a unique entrepreneurial partnership, let’s talk!

Tell me anything and everything about what you’d like to see in a fitness site.



3 thoughts on “Welcome to Fit! Live! Win!

  1. Would love to have a site that would include information on the best supplements on the market with a recommendation, nutritious food options, different training exercises/interval exercises and success stories that include the amount of time it took to reach their goal.

  2. I look forward to your Posts Roy! I always found your editorials during your tenure at Men’s Fitness both informative & inspiring! You’re one of the reasons I’ve taken the plunge & began a second career at 40 (I’m studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer). I wish you the best in this endeavor!

  3. What will you be doing to differentiate this site from Men’s Fitness? It’d definitely be appreciated to see some things geared toward the guy who’s looking to get bigger and stronger, but not by way of losing weight; both in nutrition and training.

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